H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Real compassion means to understand what the needs of the body, mind and soul are.

Born Richard Slavin in Chicago in 1950, Radhanath Swami began his spiritual quest as a teenager, embarking on a journey that would take him across Europe, the Middle East, and eventually India. In India, he met his guru, Srila Prabhupada, and was initiated into the Bhakti tradition of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Over the years, Radhanath Swami has dedicated himself to sharing the teachings of Bhakti yoga with people around the world. He has authored several books, including “The Journey Home,” which chronicles his own spiritual journey, and “The Journey Within,” which offers practical insights and guidance on the path of self-discovery. Radhanath Swami is also the founder of several philanthropic organizations, including the Govardhan Eco Village, which promotes sustainable living and environmental awareness, and the Radha Gopinath Temple in Mumbai, which provides food, shelter, and education to underprivileged children.


The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami, the memoir of Radhanath Swami. Here he shares his extraordinary journey hitch-hitching from Europe to India, seeking spiritual realisation along the way. Through near-death experiences, meditating in the Himalayas to hearing wisdom from some of the most renowned teachers of our time, Radhanath Swami will leave you immersed in his captivating life story.

The Journey Home

The Journey Within

The Journey Within: Exploring the Path of Bhakti, renowned spiritual leader and social activist, Radhanath Swami, shares intimate stories from his decades of experience as a guru of Bhakti-Yoga with illuminating references to Western religions and ideologies.The Journey Within invites readers from all backgrounds to discover the simple truths that unite us.


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